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Cost assessment of resilience projects in Somalia for the month of June and July 2015

Improved resilience and livelihoods in Somalia is high on the agenda of most donor agencies that intervene in the fragile and conflict affected context of Somalia. To further improve donor support and enhance coordination among donors, the members of the Informal Humanitarian Donor Group (IHDG) jointly engaged Researchcare Africa team analyze their food security (FS) and resilience portfolio in Somalia in order to come up with recommendations on how to further improve the quality and coordination of their support.  The cost assessment study was part of the Joint analysis of donor engagements related to Livelihoods and Resilience in Somalia

The specific purpose of the economic cost assessment was to understand what it means to deliver results in Somalia from a financial perspective with special attention to organizational setups.  Considering that the resilience initiatives in Somalia are often different in scope, the assessment however was not a comparative analysis but rather an identification of the cost structure for different organizational setups with attention to the different geographical areas. The assessment was based on general principles of Value for Money (VFM) focusing on economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of resilience initiatives in Somalia taking the fiduciary and security-related risks of working in different geographical areas in Somalia into account.

Components of the project

Major project cost drivers

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    Project Location

    Somaliland, south central Somalia and Puntland

    Project Sponsor

    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation