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Somrep project comprehensive baseline survey for ACF International In Eyl District, Puntland Region, Somalia On April 2014

Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) is a resilience project that has taken on a multi-year commitment to vulnerable households and communities with a package of integrated interventions to address multiple shocks that compound or are a result of the impacts of droughts in Somalia. SomReP is part of a continuum for resilience building approaches at household, community, regional and state/national level. SomReP focuses on household and community resilience, while advocating for and supporting resilience at the other levels. The overall project objective is to build household and community resilience to drought and related risks in Somalia by specifically enhancing the resilient productive capacities of pastoral, agro-pastoral and peri-urban households and community groups in selected locations. The resilience approach that the Consortium will take will focus on securing what people have against predictable shocks, while building local adaptive capacity to deal with uncertainty and change.

During the study, 385 households were selected as sample size out of a target population of 2, 1850. Household questionnaires were administered by PRC (currently called RCA) with assistance from ACF staff. Eighteen FGDs with 8 -12 participants were also conducted. Key informant interviews were conducted targeting community leaders, local administrations and women and youth group leaders and market traders.

The objective of the study was to carry out a comprehensive baseline survey in order to: provide benchmark information for measuring project achievements and impact at the project objectives and result levels (with specific indicators); conduct an in-depth analysis into the causes of food insecurity; carry out a vulnerability analysis that includes the identification of seasonal and longer term risks linked to the environment and the creation of vulnerability profile; identify appropriate interventions and associated target groups that will address food insecurity and support livelihoods in the long term.

Component of the project

Benchmark information for measuring  project achievements and impact; causes of food insecurity; carry out a vulnerability analysis; identify appropriate interventions  and associated target groups that will address food insecurity  and support livelihoods in the long term

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    Project Location

    Eyl district, Puntland region

    Project Sponsor

    ACF International