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Third party monitoring for voluntary refugee returnees project in Somalia in November and December 2015

As a member of the Somalia Returns Consortium (SRC) which is a hub of different UN agencies and NGOs committed to ensuring a multi-sectoral approach in the implementation of the voluntary return program in Somalia, DRC has facilitated a voluntary return and reintegration of about 3,000 IDP households since 2012 in South Central (Banadir, Lower and Middle Shabelle and Hiraan Regions) and Puntland (Galkayo).

DRC has engaged Researchcare Africa to conduct third party Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) which are in support of the comprehensive evaluations of the SRC IDP voluntary return program in Jowhar and Balcad districts of Middle Shabelle region. The assignment covered a beneficiary population of 334 IDP voluntary return beneficiary returnees in Balcad and Jowhar in Middle Shabelle regions out of the 3000 target population.

The purpose of the third party monitoring was to conduct Post-Distribution Monitoring (PDM) for 2015 voluntary return beneficiaries in Middle Shebelle region. The PDM assessed the quantity, quality and usefulness of the non-food item, livelihoods inputs and cash distributed to the households. The study also sought other items preferred by the households other than distributed items for future intervention. Besides, assessment of whether there was diversion of the distributed items and cash intended for target beneficiaries was conducted.

Components of the project

Distribution of food and non-food items, livelihood inputs, unconditional cash, reintegration and coping strategies.

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    Project Location

    58 settlements and villages in Balcad and Jowhar districts of middle Shabelle region, Somalia

    Project Sponsor

    Danish Refugee Council(DRC)