Third Party Monitoring

Third party monitoring

Researchcare Africa designs customized monitoring frameworks and tool for data collection and information to support project implementers/partners and organizations. The framework is used for compiling project progress reports, strategic and business plans. Monitoring is designed to examine the implementation of project(s) are either on track, or require corrections and improvements to achieve impact and to assess after closeout the sustainability and how the project has  contributed to organizational objectives.

These are some of our recent monitoring assignments accomplished:

  • Third party monitoring for Voluntary Refugee Returnees Project for DRC in Balcad and Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region in November –December 2015.
  • Third party monitoring for  Cash For Work And Unconditional Cash in Gedo and Lower Juba regions  for ACTED in April 2015 to July 2015.
  • Third party monitoring for Voluntary Refugee Returnees project for DRC in Balcad, Jowhar and Beletweyn districts in middle Shabelle an Hiraan regions of Somalia in April –July 2015

  • Project monitoring for the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) in Puntland and Somaliland in March- August 2015.
  • Third party monitoring of Somalia Emergency Food Assistance Project (SEFAP) for CARE International in Afmadow & Badhadhe districts of Lower Juba Region.
  • Project accountability review for food for peace funded project for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Kismayu, Somalia

Research evaluations


Our teams are trained to undertake independent evaluations so as to provide honest feedback on interventions in a realistic, prudent, diplomatic, and cost-effective, and in an ethical manner, which accounts for the best interests of stakeholders. An essential tool in enabling analysis of programme results, impacts and outcomes, evaluation provides tangible opportunities for the donor community, the executing agency, and beneficiaries to reflect on the results and gauge best practices, as a means of improvement and remediation

The following are some of the evaluations carried by Researchcare team:

  • Qualitative Endline Study of Broadening Options for Reconciliation, Development and Empowerment among Somalis II Program (BORDERS II) for PACT Inc. in lower Juba and Gedo regions in September- November 2015.
  • Evaluation of proposals for Somalia Stability Fund Projects in Lower Jubba and Gedo regions in May 29, 2015- June 2015.
  • Baseline evaluation of Health, Nutrition and Protection project in Mogadishu, Afgoye and Baidoa districts in Somalia for CRS in August –September 2015.
  • Somrep Project Comprehensive Baseline Survey for ACF International in Eyl District, Puntland Region, Somalia on April 2014.
  • Final evaluation wash and Food Security Support for Drought and Conflict Affected populations for Solidarites International in Galgaduud region, central Somalia in June 2014.
  • Final evaluation on Food Security, Livelihoods, Water And Sanitation project for  Solidarites international in Galgaduud, Gedo and Lower Juba regions  south and central Somalia in  April 2014

  • Final evaluation of Integrated Emergency Response to Flood Affected Populations Oxfam Novib in Hiraan & Middle Shebelle regions of south & central Somalia in September 2013.
  • Final Evaluation on Youth Leadership Programme in Sool and Sanaag Region in Somaliland/Puntland in January 2013.
  • Baseline survey on Community Resilience to Climate Change on the Pastoralist Communities in North Eastern Kenya July 2012.
  • Final Evaluation on Cross-border Conflict Mapping, Training for Conflict Transformation, and People-to-People Dialogue Program In south central Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland in November-December 2012
  • Evaluation on Improved Access to Water and Sanitation on Medium-Term ASAL programme (2010/2012) in Isiolo County.

research management and assessments

Research and assessments

Research is one of the best ways of examining a problem in a bid to find a solution for it.  Researchcare Africa has pool of expertise in carrying out research in various areas. Our researchers are qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience in research. These include, general research, environment related researches, governance, organizational researches and food security. We carry out scientific research that is objective, understandable and can help our clients in addressing their needs while delivering our research findings on time.

Researchcare Africa has several approaches to address the assessment needs of its clients including: organizational assessments, local government assessments and partnership assessments, geared towards the development of responses in order to address the unique circumstances of each specific client.   Researchcare Africa’s general approach in conducting such assessments is through the use of tested, internal methodologies and the adoption of best practices. Our data gathering techniques are robust and are based on social science principles, allowing us to gather and validate qualitative and quantitative data. The data is then analyzed and transformed into clear reports so as to provide our clients with accurate, reliable information and insight into their engagements and interventions.

Some of the recent activities undertaken by Researchcare Africa include:

  • Post returns assessment for Voluntary Refugee Returnees’ Project for DRC Balcad, Jowhar and Beletweyn districts in middle Shabelle and Hiraan regions of Somalia in November –December 2015.
  • Rapid needs assessment for IDPs, Refugee Returnees and Host Community for OXFAM & GIZ for May to June 2015.
  • Post return assessment for Voluntary Refugee Returnee project for DRC in Somalia in April –July 2015

  • Needs assessment on Food Security and Wash (information gab filling) for Oxfam GB in Belet hawa and Luuq districts (Gedo region) in November 2013.
  • Needs Assessment on Food Security, Nutrition and Public Health Oxfam Novib in Jowhar, Adale, Balcaad (middle Shebelle region); Baidoa, Buurhakaba (bay region) and Kismayu (lower juba region) on October and December, 2013.
  • Rapid food security needs assessment in response to drought in Northern Eastern Kenya (Mandera and Wajir) January 2012.

Institution research and capacity development

Institutional Capacity Development

We assist organizations in wider areas of organizational development and strategic management, organizational capacity and risk assessment and management. Our approach to organizational development typifies a “whole of organization” approach, which assists decision makers and stakeholders in understanding current challenges, requirements, and the means to address change.  We begin by understanding the priorities of the organization and its stakeholders, before developing a set of diagnostic tools to gather the information needed to develop a clearer picture of the needs of the organization and its objectives.

Re-vitalizing and transforming organizations through mapping, diagnosis, design, and re-structuring and change management are key aspects of Researchcare Africa’s extensive experience in organizational development.  We assist our clients in strategic and business planning, policy development as well as organizational performance evaluation and improvement.

We offer a unique pre-funding organizational/risk analysis to assist donors in ensuring that organizations that they fund actually do exist, are genuine and are able to offer the services for which they are receiving funding for. We assist in strengthening the internal processes of the local organization and government institutions through participative capacity building. We review existing programmes and conduct assessments of existing programmatic, financial and administrative procedures to help organizations enhance their performance and increase their capacity so that they can satisfactorily deliver to their stakeholders.

Some of the consultancies carried out by Researchcare include:

  • Cost effectiveness analysis for resilience programming for humanitarian donors for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Somalia in May to July 2015.
  • Institutional assessments on the department of immigration for Somaliland, Puntland and Federal government of Somalia for IOM for the month Feb to July 2015.

  • Organizational assessment for the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) for Puntland for month of January 2015- June 2015.