Our Approach

Our Approach

Researchcare Africa’s aim is to assist its clients to go forward with a clear purpose and achieve desired results. Our firm’s approach is practical and results-based focused on achieving change and building better organizations. Thousands of consultants offer help during change management as we do, but when we do so, it’s in a very different and special way. Many consultants will work for you to get a solution for you – we work with you to understand the problem and get a solution by working with you. Our approach is based on the principle of co-creation and our management and consultants carry out work on the basis of partnership by working out what the organization currently needs, and the best ways to achieve that reality. Our style of working is through a partnership-by-work together with you.

Use of Mobile Data Application Platform

Regarding our data management approach, we will offer simple, user-friendly tools to make analyses of complex datasets accessible to stakeholders and decision-makers. Researchcare has over 300 tablets and smartphones for online and remote data collection and is able to collect data for reaching more than 10,000 respondents within a week.  We will handle data in a comprehensive and consolidated manner to allow various types of analyses. Data is entered into Researchcare Africa web-based data management system to ease standardization and to prepare the various layers of analysis.

We aim at providing the database analysis in a format that will allow our clients to verify our work and conduct their own analysis if desired. Therefore, R will produce a simplified data analysis dashboard for our clients for their internal analyses. These dashboards are critical elements in the process of passing the data to managers in a manner that enables them to run complex analyses which filter through a few clicks. 

Project managers can easily check the situation on the ground for different groups or locations. Researchcare Africa has an established mobile data collection system that has over time been used by our previous clients. The system provides real-time monitoring through a mobile data collection approach.  These dashboards will be linked to provide automatic updates of the indicators as set in the project logical framework. The monitoring system designed by Researchcare Africa has been tested and targets at removing the burden of data management from the project manager in order to emphasize his/her managing role. The monitoring system enables managers to gain timely access to field information in a structured and systematic manner, which allows for a comprehensive understanding of the situation and an appreciation of its complexity. Researchcare will use mobile-based data collection system (ONA) for the household survey and registration when required.

Researchcare Management  Team

Researchcare has multiple levels of management that closely collaborate and deliver effective results. Researchcare teams are comprised of partners and associates and project teams. Researchcare has over 190 staff on its database who are frequently engaged to deliver assignments. Our teams possess requisite credentials and are well experienced, and skilled in evaluation, research, data management (online /paper), project management, and providing advisories. In addition, our consultants are well versed in current and past socio-economic-political, security and cultural dynamics of  communities  we work with and have more than 12 years of humanitarian and development experience in Horn and east Africa. The organization’s organogram is shown in figure 1 below.

Recent Sectors



Re-integration of IDPs

Resilience / Protection


Food Security

Governance & Stabilization

Researchcare Africa Achievements

Researchcare has successfully delivered numerous assignments for its clients in Horn and East Africa since 2010. Below is snapshot of Researchcare Africa’s strengths and achievements.

  • Fully operational offices in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia  since 2010
  • A strong, experienced team comprising local and international expertise
  • 190+ trained and qualified field researchers and  research experts across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia
  • Full access to all counties of Kenya 
  • Conducted 113,000+ HHs surveys 
  • Conducted 16,000+ key informants and FGDs 
  • Managed 200+ data enumerators on a single project
  • Supported Governments and development agencies in Institutional development  and strengthening


  • Researchcare uses online data management platform to relay objective and real-time data to clients
  • Researchcare will produce a simplified data analysis dashboard for our clients for their internal analyses
  • 300+ smartphones & tablets for data collection


  • Worked with 30+ international organizations UN agencies and governments institutions

Our consulting teams operate within a framework of tested management and quality control systems and institutional support, offering quality assurance, risk management, administrative and financial oversight and rigorous project management systems.