Institutional Development for the Somalia National Highways Authority, Mogadishu
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Institutional Development for the Somalia National Highways Authority, Mogadishu

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH implements on behalf of the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) the Sustainable Road Maintenance Project (SRMP) aiming at improvements in Somalia’s road infrastructure sector as a crucial precondition for economic rehabilitation and development. The project operates towards achieving the following results:

The (i) technical, (ii) institutional and (iii) legislative framework conditions are enhanced to ensure no medium-term collapse of the key economic road network; Joint rehabilitation and maintenance of identified sections of the existing paved road network  To that end, SRMP jointly with its lead partner, the Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing (MoPWRH), intends to support the setup of an autonomous “Somalia National Highways Authority” (SNHA) in the MoPWRH on the federal level in Somalia. As a result, organizational structures and policies in terms of Human Resource Managements (HRM), Financial Management as well as procurement policies meeting international standards and the national legal framework need to be developed.


Researchcare is expected to support MoPWRH in developing and implementing structures, policies and procedures according to the jointly agreed work plan. Researchcare will review existing policies, structures and regulations currently in use in MoPWRH. Non-existing documents need to be developed jointly with the partner and implemented in close consultation with the partner. Researchcare will assist the MoPWRH -management in preparing job descriptions and ToRs for MoPWRH-staff members. General objectives Researchcare Africa expect to achieve include:

(i)Draft of mandate, code of conduct, mission and vision of the future autonomous “Somalia National Highways Authority” in MoPWRH; (ii)   Development of an HR-structure for the authority including organogram, job description, salary scale and policies for hiring in accordance to civil service guidelines; (iii)Development of sound financial management and administration policies and procedures including internal and external audit guidelines, asset management procedures, official travel regulations; (iv)Draft policies governing procurement of goods and services with specific focus on guidelines, thresholds and templates, tender procedures, tender committee set up as well as contract management policies in accordance with internationally recognized standards and applicable Somali laws; (v)Development and facilitation of trainings including workshops materials and manuals for key MoPWRH staff on the above (vi)Development of Technical Service (Planning Department) which is to include Road Design, Contract Management and Supervision, a Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS) as well as Equipment Maintenance System (EMMS)